Deep Rock Galactic originally aimed for 200K sales, and it just cleared two million


The original sales goal would’ve been enough for a new game

A whole lot of people were in the mood to squad up with their friends (and even strangers) in Deep Rock Galactic last year, and that momentum is only picking up. The cave-busting co-op game cleared two million copies sold – a big step up from Ghost Ship Games’ original goal of 200,000 lifetime sales.

“Before we launched into Early Access, we reached an internal agreement that 200,000 units sold during the game’s lifetime would be suitable, and would allow us to continue and do a new game,” the studio wrote today. “But now we just crossed 2 MILLION units sold [across PC and Xbox One], and the game is performing stronger than ever – not only in sales, but also in the strength of the community.”

Among many other nitty-gritty statistics about Deep Rock Galactic and its players, there’s a yearly sales breakdown: 502K copies sold in 2018, then 404K in 2019, and finally 1.18 million sold in 2020.

This game has been drifting at the edge of my orbit for a while now, and it’s about time I started my career as a high-tech spelunker and did my part to stamp out the infestation. I also fully expect to join the ranks of the 7.5 million player deaths caused by friendly fire. Happens to the best of us.

The next major push is Update 33 on February 4, and it’s adding the Azure Weald and Hollow Bough.