Demon's Souls remake and Sony developers share their favorite boss fights: What's yours?


That’s a tough one

Now that theDemon’s Soulsremake is finally out, ushering in the new era of console gaming as the preeminent “next-gen” exclusive (that isn’t available on previous generations), we can talk about it! And Bluepoint and Sony themselves are very keen on doing that; promoting the game through a recent article on their favorite boss fightsthat’s worth a read.

For me, my “favorite boss” kind of shifts over time.

Initially, when I first played Demon’s Soulssight unseen pre-release, Storm King blew me away. The soundtrack, the arena: all of it took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting that level of grandeur. Once you know the secret it’s not super impressive mechanically, but the shock and the audacity at having to take down that Godzilla-esque behemoth was amazing.

Similarly, the Maneater fight was hilarious! I remember the first time playing it and struggling against it, before the surprise came out.Tower Knight is also a classy choice, as it kind of epitomizes the uphill struggle of Demon’s Soulsvery early once you’ve picked off the relatively easy first demon.

Old King Allant is always good for a reliable tussle and remains one of my favorites.Since I probably have to pick just one, I think I’ll go with Old King after playing through the remake.

Here’s the full rundown, in case you don’t feel like reading through each entry:

  • Gavin Moore (Creative Director, SIE) – Penetrator
  • Yasutaka Asakura (Executive Producer, SIE) – The Old Monk (this is From Software director Miyazaki’s favorite too!)
  • Marco Thrush (President, Bluepoint) – Storm King
  • Shuhei Yoshida (Head of Indies, SIE) – Storm King
  • Peter Dalton (CTO, Bluepoint) – Maiden Astraea
  • Mark Skelton (Art Director, Bluepoint) – Flamelurker

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