Demon's Souls running at 4K is a sight to behold


RPCS3 emulator is coming along nicely

It seems like a remake or remaster of FromSoftware’s breakthrough hit, Demon’s Souls, won’t be happening anytime soon. So why just sit around and wait for inevitable sadness when you can emulate the game at 4K? The RPCS3 emulator has made real strides in recent months, but seeing Demon’s Souls in 4K at 30 FPS is just incredible. This is a game that had some ugly performance issues on original hardware, but those are mostly a thing of the past.

Seeing as how the servers for the game are no more, I don’t see a lot of reason to stick to original hardware to experience the game. PS3s are going to be dying out sooner, rather than later, so having the game be playable with better performance than original hardware is a plus, in my book.

RPCS3: Demon’s Souls in 4K & 30 FPS. Outperforming a real PS3? [RPCS3 via YouTube]