Desperados III looks true to its old-school strategy roots, despite inappropriate trailer score


I don’t think it’s nice you laughin’

THQ Nordic has released a new gameplay trailer for Desperados 3, a belated sequel to the wild west strategy titles that hit the PC in the early 2000’s. And even from this short preview, it’s clear that this sequel is sticking firmly to its origins, even if the trailer’s soundtrack is wholly, utterly out of place. At least it’s not Kanye West’s Power.

For those of you unaware, Desperados was a variant of the popular Commandos real-time strategy series, switching up the action from military warfare to the rootin’ tootin’ wild west. Players control a team of five highly-skilled outlaws, each with their own abilities, attacks, tricks and traps, and tasked with the completion a series of intense stealth missions.

Perfect planning between each characters, as well as smart timing, a keen eye and even a little bit of luck, are required to get your party of bandits in and out of danger. Desperados 3 will offer numerous routes to complete each mission, so experimentation and adaptation will be an important part of your approach, a bad move can become a great opportunity at a moment’s notice.

With each mission offering options to be as quiet as mice, or to go in guns blazing, a range of locations including desert canyons, rickety towns and bandit hideouts, and missions based around assassination, theft, escape, sabotage, espionage and more, it looks like Desperados 3 will be a welcome return for franchise fans when it finally moseys into town.

Desperados 3 launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One later in 2019.