Desperados III releases second DLC mission 'Five Steps Ahead'


Just give ‘im whiskey… he’s new in town

THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games have released the second part of Desperados III’s DLC expansion, Money for the Vultures. Part two, titled “Five Steps Ahead,” is available to purchase now as part of the strategy title’s season pass.

In Five Steps Ahead, John Cooper, Doc McCoy, and the rest of the gang travel to Louisiana to reunite with Isabelle, following her wedding day shenanigans. There, our hombres will reunite to visit a brand new locale in the Bayou, aiming to take down the latest dirtbag charged with leading the DeVitt family.

The Cooper Gang will infiltrate the DeVitt company’s crop rotation, construction site, and luxurious manor, all while utilising each member’s unique skills to keep outta sight and outta mind, until the time comes to throw a little lead in harm’s way. As always, careful planning, presence of mind, and an eye for adaptation will be key to seeing our posse through to victory.

Desperados III is available now on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.