Destiny 2 clip reveals the serene planet Nessus


Though I hear it’s actually a centaur planetoid

Destiny fans are giddy with excitement today, as the beta for the the sequel to Bungie’s sci-fi epic launches in mere hours. Just to tease the hype that little bit more, IGN released a short clip of one of the game’s new planets.

Nessus, currently inhabited by the Vex, has a relatively quaint and luscious looking environment, which will make for a interesting backdrop to the wanton destruction about to rain down on its colourful foliage and ancient ruins.

The Destiny 2 beta begins at 10am PDT and is expected to close about the same time on July 23. I’m not going to be a part of its myself, but I’m sure many of you are, getting yourselves in gear for the game’s official September 6 release on PS4 and PC.