Destiny 2 is getting incremental PC patches that fix 'less than ideal performance'


The patches will address problems ‘since Beyond Light shipped’

When Destiny 2 launched on PC, it was kind of a revelation. One that console players wouldn’t really see the fruits of until several years later, when the PS5 and Xbox Series X edition patch dropped (FOV sliders on consoles!). But according to Bungie, Destiny 2 has been suffering from “less than ideal performance” since the Beyond Light expansion. They’re getting around to addressing that.

According to Bungie’s new blog, the studio was having patch issues due to the “complexity” of different combinations of hardware, software, and in-game settings. After all they don’t have Activision resources anymore, or the support of multiple satellite studios that have plenty of experience with the PC platform. Working from home also created some unexpected issues. Here’s what went down:

“With the release of Beyond Light, we made some major engine changes while working from home. One of the unfortunate consequences of working from home is that we no longer had access to our PC compatibility lab to do in-depth testing on the performance impacts of our changes. Partially as a result of this, the update introduced regrettable performance decreases on some PC configurations – some configurations more than others.”

Bungie explains that some of the improvements haven’t been provided in the patch notes, and they’ve since turned to “external partners” like AMD. However, the game is now “close to what it was before Beyond Light” for “some” configurations after a series of patches. So there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Bungie is “reluctant to promise a fix” due to the complexity of the issues, but is “optimistic about the future.” Hopefully in the end PC players win out!