Destiny's Gjallarhorn will be available in real-life Nerf form


Dang, they already Nerfed the Gjallarhorn

The infamous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher is arriving in Destiny 2 as part of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary celebration. And for Guardians who get one in-game, they’ll also be able to get one in real-life in the form of a Nerf Gjallarhorn blaster.

Yes, Bungie and Nerf are teaming up for a Nerf Gjallarhorn blaster. The shop page is already live, but locking one in comes with a pre-requisite: You’ll need to unlock the Gjallarhorn in-game before August 1, 2022. Those are who are eligible will then be notified by email when they can pre-order the $160 blaster, for a limited time, before sales open up to the public.

And fittingly, this Gjallarhorn Nerf blaster seems terrifying. First off, it’s designed at a 1:1 scale. That means it’s over four feet long, with sculpted details. It also fires “first-of-its-kind” Mega shells, which fire three darts at once from a shell, imitating the Gjallarhorn’s Wolfpack rounds.

Now you may be asking yourself, is that all worth it? It’s a giant imitation blaster of a fairly infamous Destiny 2 rocket launcher. I think your personal response to that sentence will answer the question on its own. For me, I’m becoming slightly worried that writing about Nerf versions of video game guns is going to become my beat.

And on top of it, the Gjallarhorn Nerf blaster comes with several safety warnings, including one telling you not to modify the blaster. I don’t know why you would, when it seems like the 1:1 scale launcher could probably already punch a hole through a window.

It’s unclear when this will be available to the general public, or if pre-orders won’t already wipe the supply out. So if you want your own massive Gjallar-Nerf-horn, you should probably start working on that 30th Anniversary quest.