Destiny 2 is bringing back the Vault of Glass raid this weekend, with a real-life ring reward at stake


Where it all started

We’ve known thatDestiny 2would be reintroducing the classic Vault of Glass raid for some time, but now it’s actually happening.

As highlighted in Bungie’s new blog,the Vault of Glass will unlock on May 22 (that’s a Saturday) at 10AM PT, at which point the race for world first will begin, and the streaming-fests will be flowing. As is customary the developers is doing a “world first title,” and a 24 hour “contest mode.”

Oh, and there’s a real-life freaking ringrewardif you finish the raid before May 25 at 9:59AM PT, which you have until June 30, 2021 to redeem. If you finish it before June 1 at 9:59AM PT, you can claim this raid jacket. Note that you have to purchase both, the code just rewards you the privilege of buying them.The ring is $124.99 and the jacket is $149.99. No one said this post-Activision era would be cheap!

There is one caveat though, if you’re going in: “the Hunter Exotic “Star-Eater Scales” will be disabled for the first 24 hours of Vault of Glass being live. The team has discovered an issue where some abilities were being granted a bit more damage than intended. We don’t want Hunters to take this race like they did Guardian Games, so we’ll be putting this exotic on a short time out. Plan ahead, and make sure you have another pair of pants infused to appropriate power levels before heading in to the raid.”

So this is all sort of a weird turn of events. Again we knew this was coming, but as it’s sinking in for real now, it’s still crazy that Bungie would “sunset” (remove) so much content from its own game, and then slowly add back in curated instanced activities.

It’ll make sense to some people, absolutely, but sunsetting is still on the same baffling plane asthe new egregious transmog system.

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