Destiny 2 is free right now as part of the September PlayStation Plus monthly lineup



Sony is doing things differently in September for Playstation Plus.

Instead of having to wait for the first Tuesday of the month (September 4), as is customary with Plus, you can download Destiny 2 today. The reason being is you’ll be able to partake in the “24 hour preview” of the PVP/PVE Gambit mode, which kicks off at 10AM PT. You’ll still have to buy the expansions all told (including the upcoming Forsaken), but it’s still a pretty neat inclusion.

As for the other games that go live on September 4 you can grab God of War III Remastered, Another World – 20th Anniversary edition, QUBE Director’s Cut, Sparkle 2, and Foul Play. Not a bad month! And it’s a decent mix of genres with shooters, action, platformers, and puzzle games all being represented.