Destiny 2 players comically destroy Escalation Protocol with the Rat King


Bosses go down in mere seconds

Destiny 2, much like the original, has been having a whole host of issues since launch. Bungie will often times just push the “go” button and deploy patches while closing their eyes, and all sorts of code will just rattle around in the process. In addition to loot being bugged on a major activity recently (which wasn’t disclosed until after people ran it constantly looking for rewards), the Rat King weapon, for a time, was disabled — to the point where players couldn’t use it even if they had it.

When it came back people were anxious to see what it could do with the proper power level and team, and that’s just what The Chemical Twins did. Hilariously, their Fireteam manages to take down bosses in Escalation Protocol, the hardest non-raid event in the game, in seconds.For those of you who don’t play Destiny 2, the Rat King is an exotic that could be earned at the launch of the game that gets stronger whenever multiple users are present through a perk called “the rat pack.” It stacks up to six times, which comes in handy during raids (its intended use) and of course, Escalation Protocol, if users manage to sleaze the system to get all of their friends in.

They even manage to exploit the wave seven boss (the last wave) in roughly 10 seconds as well by getting him to constantly slam and nail him with Rat King shots. If you can jump through the hoops required to get six people into Escalation Protocol, you may as well give it a shot — people were worried that once players hit the proper power level events would be too easy, and at this point they’re reaching that apex, even with Bungie slowing down powerful loot acquisition to a crawl.

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