Destiny 2's first raid will go live a week after its launch


September 13 at 10AM PT

There’s usually just one thing on hardcore Destiny player’s minds at any given time — “when’s raid?”

Well thankfully Bungie has given us the answer as we head into its launch next Wednesday. In addition to noting that the Nightfall challenge will be live immediately after reaching max level and gearing appropriately, the first raid will go live on September 13 at 10AM PT. That makes you have a week to gear up and potentially find a group using any number of avenues that have been available since the original Destiny. Trials will also go live on September 15 at that same time.

As someone who has cleared each raid, including all hard modes and challenges in their first week, I’m looking forward to seeing what this one can bring to the table. Destinystarted off right with Vault of Glass, so hopefully the sequel does the same.

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