Destiny 2's next expansion, Shadowkeep, is set on the moon


‘Leak’ before official reveal

As was announced last week, Bungie was set to reveal the next expansion to Destiny 2 in a few days. Beaten to the punch by data miners digging through the PC version, the latest DLC has been revealed to be called Shadowkeep and will take players back to the moon. The information was included in today’s massive update, which is probably not how Bungie saw this going down.

An official description of Shadowkeep was found that reads, “The next chapter in the Destiny experience arrives this fall as terrifying shadows descend upon a forgotten moon. Return to the lunar surface. Journey deep into a mysterious enemy citadel. Become a slayer of nightmares.” There’s no mention of a release date, though a collector’s edition is said to be coming.

We may have a quiet E3 week if all these leaks keep happening.

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