Destiny fans share their utter disappointment for Year Two's Iron Banner debut


Par for the course

The Iron Banner (a week-long PVP event) is set to close later today in Destiny, and like its first appearance in Year One, it was a complete waste of time. For starters, the rewards weren’t all that great, and some of the promises Bungie made in regards to the new and improved loot system didn’t actually pan out.

Users all over the web (including my own group of friends I play with) are reporting that even after earning rank five in the Iron Banner faction, very few items dropped, and they were complete garbage. This basically mirrors my experience as well, and I found that vanilla Crucible PVP matches gave better loot. This is exacerbated by the fact that Hunters have a massively buggy and broken infinite super glitch that players have been using — a glitch so bad that the Trials of Osiris PVP event was even delayed for it.

While I do like the changes that The Taken Kingexpansion has brought, along with the fantastic new raid, it’s crazy to think that Bungie still hasn’t learned how to do events right. I mean, heck, remember how the Queen’s Wrath event was supposed to be “put back in the oven” for a release eventually, and never came? Yep, Bungie has never had a weekly PVE event since.