Destiny lore geeks won't have to worry about Grimoire going away


Look closely at your junk

Back when we heard Grimoire cards wouldn’t be making a comeback in Destiny 2, most people breathed a sigh of relief (or kicked some dirt in frustration that one of their talking points about why Destiny is bad is going away). But there was a sect of the community peeved at the decision. Indeed, there are lore archaeologists out there who pore through the volumes of text on, making sense of everything.

This morning at PAX West, Luke Smith might have assuaged some of the discontent around that. While out-of-game Grimoire cards are out, it sounds like all of that rich back story text will still be written; it will just be accessible in-game.

Smith described two ways that back story will make its way into Destiny 2. The first is familiar: certain items around the game world will be scannable, revealing details about the universe for those who take the time to look. The other sounds a bit closer to what Grimoire cards have done in the past, but with a twist. This time around weapons and armor pieces will have their own stories associated with them, and it will be relegated to a special tab on the gear inspection page.

So you can pull up your Midnight Coup, check the perks on it, maybe infuse it to a higher Light level (we still don’t know much about the progression), and then check on what “Midnight Coup” refers to in the history of the Destiny universe.

So don’t worry! If you bought this video game so you could be able to read a book, you can still do that. You just need to find all the different guns and armor. Or wait for the insatiable community to collect all of the lore text and compile it into a wiki.