Destiny rubs salt in the overpriced expansion wound with Red Bull XP



As we all know, Activision is taking fans for a ride for the new Destinyexpansion, and Bungie is getting really defensive about it. This is after the last expansion…well…sucked. Today they have announced that they are rubbing salt in the wound.

According to Activision throughout the summer and when The Taken Kinglaunches in September, you’ll be able to buy Red Bull to earn bonus XP and play an exclusive quest — like enough content or rewards weren’t stripped out already, and other publishers don’t run free bonus XP events to celebrate launches. This is all spearheaded by a giant campaign called “Red Bull Quest,” which is at the following link.

I mean, a lot of these events are generally harmless, but with the direction Activision has been taking with Destiny, this is comically bad. To top this all off, this is a multi-faceted marketing deal, where 7-Eleven will have the “exclusive rights” for these cans in July.

Maniacal laugh!