Destiny will get one more update before the next expansion


Whenever that is

The last update for Destinywas pretty great. I logged in to check it out, and promptly quit because there really isn’t anything to do. Bungie is teasing the next update however (1.1.2), of which it isn’t giving details yet. It will be the last update before the House of Wolvesexpansion.

Will Queen’s Wrath ever come back? Will Iron Banner ever be more than a PVP re-skin with mixed rewards? We may never know, because Bungie might not give anyone a reason to come back until the paid expansion.

In other news, famed data-miner megamanexe64 notes that Inferno Skirmish looks to be coming to PVP on April 21, which is basically a more hardcore “kills-only, free-for-all, no radar” variant. So far, most of his “predictions” have been correct. Could this coincide with the 1.1.2update?

Bungie Weekly Update – 03/05/2015 [Bungie]