Destiny's Trials of Osiris event delayed yet again


Not launching with Hard Mode

As we all know Destiny‘s latest raid is getting its Hard Mode variant this weekend, but the othermajor endgame event, the PVP-centric Trials of Osiris, is taking a backseat for the second weekend in a row. Unfortunately, Bungie designerLars Bakken has confirmed the Trials will be delayed yet another week in favor of pushing out King’s Fall Hard Mode. It was previously delayed last week because of a major exploit involving Nightstalker Hunters, and the power to use infinite supers.

Technically the bug hasn’t been fixed, as the Hunter’s “Quiver” ability (that grants them multiple supers) has just been disabled to inherently disable the glitch. It’s not ideal, as Quiver is one of the Nightstaker’s best abilities, and many players treat Trials of Osiris as their main source of endgame entertainment, as they don’t prefer raiding.

Lars Bakken [Twitter]