Which is your favorite release in the Dragon Quest series?


Cblogs of 3/26 to 04/01/2022

-Scribblemacher takes a deep dive into Dragon Quest Pokemon-alike, Dragon Quest Monsters.

-Lord Spencer continues their ongoing PS1 REVIEWS series by looking at Crave’s Shadow Madness.

-Avoclefo takes at look at the final acts of Nintendo’s legendary Kirby series.

-Churros89 updates their ongoing game journal with some more hits ‘n’ misses.

-Spazzzh20 talks about their love of Majora’s Mask and their ideal Legend of Zelda game.

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-PhilsPhindings looks at the connections between the score of Kid Icarus and Latin music.

-PhilsPhindings second blog looks at the connections between Super Mario and calypso music.

-TheBlondeBass offers up more fictional work with The Suburbs We Create Ourselves.

-TheBlondeBass returns with their latest fictional entity, Finale: What Remains.

-Estrelas returns to remind us that quite often goals are marathons, not sprints.

-Queen of Philosophy opens up the weekend with the latest TGIF.

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