How are you finding The Struggle in Elden Ring thus far?


Cblogs of 2/19 to 2/25/2022

-Sapato64 is already feeling the pressure in Elden Ring.

-Sleeves asks which online games wore your patience thin.

-Spaceloaf has some tips for getting Elden Ring running smoothly on your rig.

-Tomas Immortal reviews Devolver Digital’s neon nightmare Ruiner.

-Kaylee Bu33le shows off their upcoming arcade shooter Bubblegum Zombie Hunter.

-Sapato64 checked out the new Uncharted movie and offers their thoughts.

-Black Red Gaming takes a look at 10 of the stories from this week in gaming.

-Duhathebest gives us all a look at their action-puzzler ASCIILL.

-Eggs&BrewsterJr shares a few words on a selection of 10 indie titles.

-Kerrik52 makes an incredibly deep dive into the world of Silicon Knights‘ Legacy of Kain.

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-PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between Secret of Mana and Japanese pop music.

-Chronolynx once again invites the community to celebrate a little TGIF.

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