Destructoid saves the world! Sorry, Kyle


Filling my squad with Destructoid staff, heh heh heh

Last time on Destructoid Saves the World,I looked around the map, panicked, to find that Kyle MacGregor had died. I didn’t even see him go. It was tragic. Brett Makedonski is actually en route to my home at the moment, so maybe he’ll show up and be able to co-pilot and keep our boys safe.

Let’s check in on our squad (Kmac RIP), which is filling out nicely and going to need some community/viewer additions soon. We’ve a heavy in Chris Carter, a sniper in Jordan Devore, Wett Brett Makedonski as an assault. Holmes, Dixon, and Brittany are there, too, I think. It’s been a while. I’ve forgotten. And now I’m sure I’m bound to get them all killed.

Oh well.

Let’s continue our normal, Iron Man (no save scumming) game ofXCOM(withEnemy Withinexpansion) and see if I can save the world with a squad full of those most suited for the job, people who write about videogames because they had one too many felonies to join the military.

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