Destructoid will be at PAX East and we will do our best this time


Even the Cat will be there. No, not Peter Chris. The other one

As of this very moment, Peter Glagowski, Rich Meister, Caitlin Cooke and myself are entering the Boston Convention Center to get a load of PAX East 2019. We’ll be playing and previewing a bunch of games, so keep your eyes peeled for sudden show coverage as it happens.

I’ll also be representing Destructoid on a couple of panels. Friday at 12:30pm at the Cuttlefish Theater, DZone Editor-In-Chief Susan Arendt, psychiatrist James Sherer, social worker-in-training Geoffrey Brewer and myself will talk about the myths and realities of game addiction on a panel called I Can Save & Quit Anytime I Want: Redefining Game Addiction. Then that night at 9pm, I’ll join the developers of Soda Drinker Pro, comedian Lamont Price, and Assy McGee co-creator Carl Adams at the Dragonfly Theater for a panel called We Made a Bot Watch 1000 PAX Panels, And It’s Moderating This One. Wish us luck.

I’ll also be handing out a two page Castlevania fan comic I wrote and drew, so if you see me on the floor, please ask for one. If I have any left, I’ll give you what you really, really want. Either way, it will be great to see you.