Destructoid's So You Think You Can Stream finale is tonight! Tune in at 8:30PM ET


Shut up and take our money!

Update:Head on over toour Twitch channelat8:30PM EST to watch all of the action!

Back in June,we hosted our first ever So You Think You Can Stream contest, sponsored by G-Fuel and Luminosity. We got to see a lot of talented individuals, and a couple of impeccably sexy faces from the Destructoid community, compete to win $5,000. Not only was it a huge success, but it was also just a genuinely fun time for a lot of the folks involved.

Well, as soon as that contest drew to a close, we decided that we should make an even bigger and better one happen in the very near future.Starting on August 2, that contest will be underway, and we hope to see as many folks from the Destructoid community check it out!

After listening to a lot of audience and streamer feedback, we’ve decided to make a few changes to the format for our second contest.

During the initial So You Think You Can Stream contest, entrants had twenty minutes to demonstrate their talents as Twitch streamers to the Destructoid community and Dreezy, one of our two resident streamers. They were then ranked both on skill and style points – essentially, how good they were at the game, and how entertaining they were.

From there, the top three, and a personality voted for by the community, battled it out for that top spot.

Here’s a few of the changes that we’ve made for our second contest:

First off, we’re cutting out the skill points category for voting. Folks will now be ranked entirely on how stylish they are. What counts as stylish, you might be asking? That’s simple! It’s a measure of how entertaining you are. Are you adept at coming up with amusing puns on the spot? Do you have a kickass lighting setup? Are you just downright fun to chat with? These could all count towards those sweet, sweet style points.

Then there’s a couple of changes to the tournament structure, itself.

For the first round in this tournament, entrants will have ten minutes to impress us (and Dreezy) with their personalities while they playany game of their choosing. Heck, evenOld School RuneScapewould be valid here. The one caveat is that the game must be appropriate to stream on Twitch. Apologies to anyone who wanted to stream Nekopara, but this means that you’ll need to uninstall that 18+ patch.

During the second round, there’ll be three judges selected by Destructoid instead of just Dreezy. Only the top twelve contestants from round one will move over to this stage of the competition.

During both of these rounds, community members will still be able to vote alongside Dreezy and the other judges and, like the initial tournament, results will be pooled to determine who moves on to the next round.

Community picks, too, will still be totally in effect. And neither Dreezy nor any other non-audience judge will be able to impact who moves on to that final round.

Oh, and I guess there is the most obvious change: theprize is now $10,000 instead of $5,000.

Alongside this wonderful cash prize, the winner will be fast-tracked to the top 32 during Luminosity Gaming’s upcoming Rising Stars tournament, where they can battle it out to win $100,000 and a one-year contract with these esports titans! This opportunity would have been offered as a prizeto the winner of our previous So You Think You Can Stream contest, RockyNoHands, but his performance was just so impressive that he was signed up with the organisation pretty much immediately.