Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's awful pre-order program canceled due to fan demand



Recently, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was dated, and Square Enix proceeded to launch a pretty bad pre-order campaign for it. It was called “Augment Your Pre-order,” and basically, it unlocked tons of gated content if enough people pre-ordered it — one of the rewards was even a “4-day early release” of the game.

As it turns out fans hated the idea and let the publisher know — now, they’re cutting it out entirely. Instead, all of the content will be available for anyone who pre-orders or purchases the “Day 1 Edition.” So..the status quo in terms of the AAA industry.

It’s a small win but it’s good enough — I mean the whole situation isn’t ideal, but at least it’s not retailer-exclusive nonsense and isn’t necessarily limited to pre-orders with the Day 1 inclusion.

Augment Your Pre-order [Deus Ex]