Developers of The Gunk clarify that it's a 'permanent' Xbox console exclusive


It’s also coming to PC

It’s been a bit since we heard of The Gunk, which was revealed last month, but the game’s director,Ulf Hartelius, recently sat down with Pure Xbox to set the record straight on the adventure game.

As expected “the core feature is getting rid of the gunk itself.” Straight-forward and effective! But in terms of where the game is going to show up, that Microsoft stream really was the best place to put it: because it’s not coming to other consoles.

Hartelius clarifies that the game will be a “permanent exclusive for Windows 10 and Xbox consoles,” leaving no wiggle room for a PS4/PS5/Switch port. He also plays up the Xbox daddy, stating “the gunk itself is using an advanced rendering technique that should benefit a lot from the added power of the Series X.” “At least 60 frames per second” on Series X is the goal.

Seems pretty cut and dried? Or gunky? We’ll find out when the game launches in September 2021. That’s over a year away!

The Gunk Dev Talks Slimy Substances, Exploration And The Xbox Series X [Pure Xbox]