Devil May Cry 5's soundtrack will apparently change based on how much ass you're kicking


Computer, play the kick ass song

Pictured above: my face when I land a sick combo. Now basking in that same glory will have extra benefits, according to one of the game’s producers.

Speaking to Famitsu,Michi Okabe explains thatthe more you increase your style ranking while playing, the more you’ll be able to hear from the game’s songs (the example of a chorus belting out for hitting a high style rank was used). To break that down into layman’s terms for those of you who don’t play Devil May Cry, style ranking refers to combo chain ratings, typically codified in “grade school” format.

To use the last main seriesDevil May Cry game as an example (DMC4), you’ll start at D (Deadly), then work your way into Carnage, Brutal, Atomic, and in typical stylish action game style, S, SS, and SSS. By working in different weapons and tricks, similar to the points system in Tony Hawk, you can boost your style even quicker.

A reader of ours noted that it sounds a little like a more involved version of the musical shifts in the incredible (and similarly stylish)Metal Gear Rising (even if that was at set times during a phase shift).

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