Devil May Cry is coming to Switch, which opens the door for Dante in Super Smash Bros.


Hideaki Itsuno could have been teasing a future Smash DLC

Just three months ago current Devil May Cry boss, Hideaki Itsuno, teased that if Smash fans wanted to see Dante make an appearance in the series, his franchise (not a Project x Zonecameo)had better hit a Nintendo platform first. Whelp.

Just this morning the official Devil May Cry Twitter account announced that the original game was coming to Switch “this summer,” which opens up all sorts of speculation on the remaining Smash Ultimate DLC roster members: traditionally, DMC was only found on PC, Sony, Microsoft, and even mobile platforms.No real details were given, like who might be working on the port (if it’s not an internal job), and why just the first game is being released whenthe Devil May Cry HD Collection/Trilogy is already available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

This is exciting news for the future of one of the best action franchises ever made on Nintendo platforms, but not necessarily for this particular release. Capcom has been doing weird things lately with old games on Switch, like charging $30 for upcoming Resident Evilports when other systems have them for $20. No price was given for the original DMC, but odds are it’ll be in line with theResident Evilpricing.

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