Devolver stream will show the rise of Nina Struthers (and some games)


The making of a future (‘s future) legend

This week will see indie-lover Devolver Digital deliver another strange and off-the-wall live stream. Among some of the cool new titles coming from the punk-rock publisher, we will also witness the events that led to the rise of company figurehead Miss Nina Struthers.

As foretold in the Devolver Digital MaxPass + prologue below, this year’s stream will be a prequel to previous events, showing the rise and rise of Struthers from humble coffee pourer to the most distinctive, dangerous, and soundbite-friends Chief Synergy Officier in the business. Given the chaotic climax of last year’s stream, I guess the only way to go is back to the start of the beginning of the future, and the future’s future.

Of course, Devolver is also expected to show off a selection of new releases, including boombastic shooter Shadow Warrior 3 (release date, please), Acid Nerve’s Death’s Door, and Team WIBY dungeon crawler Phantom Abyss. Devolver is also teasing the debut of several brand new releases, expected to be off-the-beaten-path as is the publisher’s M.O. So be sure to tune in to check out all of these titles while witnessing the birth of gaming’s greatest executive.

Devolver Digital MaxPass + kicks off June 12 at 13:30 PT / 16:30 ET / 21:30 BST.