Devolver Digital hints at Serious Sam 4 or Talos Principle 2 at E3


Hopefully it’s the former

It’s not just AAA outfits that will be heading up E3 — there’s plenty of small or medium-sized publishers involved as well, which includesDevolver Digital. It’s just recently announced its involvement, which includes Shadow Warrior 2, STRAFE, Absolver, and “a new Croteam title.”

Why does that name sound familiar? Well it hit it big with the Serious Sam series, as well as most recently in 2014, withTalos Principle. Coincidentally both of those franchises are active, withSerious Sam 4and Talos Principle 2in the works. While it stands to reason that we’ll see one of them at E3, the former was announced in 2013, and the latter was revealed just a few weeks ago — so my money is on more Sam.

Devolver Digital [Twitter]