Devolver has killed Carrion's suggestive Switch icon


Haha what

Devolver is known for its (sometimes cloying) irreverence, but this time they took it too far according to a bunch of Switch users.

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Switch iconsare a big deal. At least, according to a subset of the Switch community. Fans have campaigned to get ugly icons “fixed” to newer, better ones for the past several years, but this case is by far the most entertaining in recent memory.

Carrion, the gross Mature-rated game about eating people and growing into an unstoppable organic killing machine, had an appropriately gross icon. But people weren’t having it! So after roughly two weeks, Devolver acquiesced and changed it from amazing fakegenitalia to the game’s standard logo (which you can view below).

I’m kind of amazed Devolver was able to get away with it in the first place, but then again the eShop is getting eroge now, so times are changing!

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