Diablo's Treasure Goblin, Monk, King Leoric confirmed for Heroes of the Storm


New map on June 30

Heroes of the Stormis going to get a major update later this month. Blizzard’s Dustin Browder stated it plainly at the PC Gaming Show today at E3: “Heroes is all about Diablofor the next few months.” Not only with The Butcher and the new Diablomap arrive on June 30, but we also have a few new confirmations.

As seen in the key art for the event, King Leoric will be a future hero in the game. His passive involves a wraith respawn, where his ghost stays active even after his death, allowing him to return to it after he comes back — he cannot deal direct damage, but can still use his crowd control abilities, which can reduce his death timer. He has two ultimates, one of which can entomb and trap foes, and another that strikes constantly with his mace, leeching life.

Treasure Goblins are going to also be a factor during the event, granting players gold before the round start gates open. Finally, the Diablo IIIMonk was confirmed as a support character — that’s pretty huge for the community, as they’ve been wanting more supports for quite some time.