Digital Extremes' hero shooter The Amazing Eternals looks promising


If you’re still in the market for hero shooters, that is

You might still know it as Keystone or “that other game Digital Extremes is working on with the damn good art.” Scratch all that (well, not the art part). It’s now named The Amazing Eternals, and while that might sound unwieldy at first, the name makes sense given the deck-building hero shooter’s premise: you and your teammates are fighting in a mystical board game, Jumanji style.

The developers have been running a closed alpha test, and they’re now gearing up for a closed beta phase, with keys going out in batches beginning Friday, September 1. (You can sign up here.) A few days earlier, on August 29, folks who buy into the Founders Program will get instant access.

The deck building aspect pushes me away a little bit, and I’ve got my hands full with hero shooters as is, but I do like the pulp-inspired setup. I could see The Amazing Eternals breaking through the noise.