Direct in a Direct: We'll find out the last Smash Ultimate fighter soon


October 5 at 7AM PT

The Nintendo Direct was pretty popping, and we got some info on long-awaited games, as well as a few new ones. But there’s also DLC in the cards of course. Yep, it’s time for the last Smash Ultimate fighter. The announcement of the announcement, at least.

Nintendo had a few of those! In addition to saying that anĀ Animal Crossing Direct would be coming sometime in October, we got an actual date for the final “Sakurai Presents” video: October 5 at 7AM PT.

So the announcement is pretty self-explanatory, but there’s a little meat in there tucked away. Beyond the final fighter tease it also states that the “final Mii Fighter costumes will also be revealed.” We kind of knew this was coming, but it seems like it’ll be the end of several facets of DLC, not just the twilight of the last Smash Ultimate fighter.

Nintendo even has a waiting room on YouTube for the stream already, which isn’t live for another 11 days. They know this one is going to draw an insane amount of attention, and I expect the reveal will be flashy and in-depth as always. There’s so much pressure on this last DLC character.