Director John Carpenter loves Sonic the Hedgehog, even the 'werewolf' one


This is all that is good and pure

The Thing, Halloween, and Escape from New York director John Carpenter regularly talks about his love of games in interviews and as a fan of his films and music, it’s delightful to hear every single time.

Last month, Carpenter told the Guardian he was deep into Destiny 2, saying, “I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to play it. At my age why not? It keeps me out of trouble.”

Now, the 69-year-old is telling FACT about his long-lasting love of Sonic the Hedgehog — and hatred for the dread-inducing “underwater level,” the Labyrinth Zone. “I’d die every time,” he said. “And then have to start back. It was so frustrating, but there was something so intensely addicting about that.”

The best bit? It’s not just the Sega Genesis original. Carpenter says he “even like[s] the one where he turns into a werewolf [Sonic Unleashed].” And rest assured, he got into this year’s Sonic Mania.

“I just keep wanting to play Sonic games — because they’re fun. I hope they keep making them.”

Level Up: Horror master John Carpenter on his 20-year Sonic The Hedgehog addiction [FACT]