Director's cut of Night in the Woods will be a free update, teased for Switch


Also coming to Xbox One

Infinite Fall’s endearing adventure Night in the Woods is getting a director’s cut titled Weird Autumn Edition,an expanded version of the original featuring “a whole bunch of new content.” From the looks of the trailer, that includes more thievery! Yes!

Weird Autumnis set to release on December 13. It will be available as a free download for players who already own Night in the Woods on PS4 or PC/Mac/Linux, and it will serve as the game’s first release on Xbox One.

Xbox and PC players will get the two previously released supplemental games,Longest NightandLost Constellation, as part of the package on launch date. If you’re on PS4, though, you’ll have to waituntil January 2018 for those.

You might have noticed that the end of the trailer says it’s coming to “all major consoles.” A Switch release hasn’t been officially announced yet, but theNight in the WoodsTwitter account teased it as clearly as the autumn sky.

Stay tuned for news on another console, which I am unable to mention for reasons, but you know what console I’m talking about.

— Night In The Woods (@NightInTheWoods) October 30, 2017

In his review, Raydescribed Night in the Woods as“intimate and charming, whimsical and occasionally heartbreaking.” Personally, I never knew a game about a cat could make me think so much about my existence as a human. You can get two different experiences from playing it twice, so if you’re on PS4 or PC and don’t want to waituntil December, I’d recommend getting your first playthrough in while the season is right. It’s currently part of the Steam Halloween sale.