DiRT Rally's PSVR update lands on the PSN store


For $13

The more simulation-based DiRT Rally spin-off now has its official PlayStation VR update as of today. The bad news: it costs $13. Owners of the base game will need to pony up an additional $12.99 (£9.99) to experience Rally with more “realism.” If you don’t already own the title, you can grab it in a bundle for $43.39 (£39.99) with one additional DLC pack.

The VR update also contains some PS4 Pro enhancements and a new “Co-Driver” mode. This allows player two to help steer player one on the course, although without a VR headset. It works similar to a rhythm game in that player two will be pressing buttons that correspond with the direction the driver should turn. Sounds like an easy way to be a dick to your friend.

Dirt Rally PS VR Out Today, PS4 Pro Optimized [PlayStation Blog]