Dirty Bomb's grenade launching class is ingeniously called Nader


Someone get them the Nobel Prize in character naming

Have you been enjoying my news posts on Destructoid so far? Well hold on to your undercrackers because after this paragraph you sure as fuck won’t: I loved Brink. I pre-ordered it, I played it to death, I got a character to the level limit and I even kept track of the short-lived MLG presence it had. I adored Brink. I also drink lead paint and put forks in plug sockets because my taste in games implies I clearly hate myself. But that’s besides the point because Brink was fantastic and you all were wrong about not liking it.

And so along came Dirty Bomb, Brink developer Splash Damage’s latest foray in to multiplayer FPS, this time opting for the free-to-play route. It cut out the really fun parkour from Brink… and the interesting setting… and basically everything I liked about Brink. But hey at least we have this new rad ex-business lawyer woman with a grenade launcher as the latest playable class! Yeah! What’s she called? Uh… Nader? Seriously? Oh. Okay then.

Nader is basically Martyrdom from Call of Duty: the Class. She has a big ol’ grenade launcher (which is convenient seeing as she’s called fucking Nader), and when she’s killed a grenade will detonate and kill any pesky teabaggers close by.

Splash Damage has released a trailer showing Nader off a bit more. Honestly I’m still interested to see where Dirty Bomb goes purely because of how much fun I got out of Brink, but I doubt it could top my darling unloved baby.

Also it’s a fucking stupid name I mean come on Nader are you kidding me people got paid to come up with this?!?!