Discord reports record growth up to 87 million users


And more on the way

It’s a great holiday season for a lot of big organizations, which includes the popular chat platform Discord. They’re reporting that they’ve reached 87 million total users (14 million daily active and 6.25m peak concurrent), and they’re on track to reach 90 million by “mid-December.” Last year during this same time period they had 25 million users. I’m one of them — my raid teams have all made the switch.

Their next array of plans involve fixing the downtime issues, improving general voice quality, adding more overly features, and building a “priority speaker” function for meetings or raid leaders, so that they have a greater presence in larger chats. My guess is they’re building to an exit? I foresee a headline like “Microsoft buys Discord” not too far off in the future.

If you’re curious as to how Discord operates currently, they shared all of the below information in their report.

Registered users – 87M as of Dec 2017 (90M by mid-Dec)

Daily Active Users – 14M

Concurrent users – 6.25M (peak concurrent users)

New Users Per Week – 1.5M

Messages a day – 315M

Messages a month – approximately 9.45B

Number of countries using Discord – Over 130 countries

Largest server – changes frequently but currently the largest server has 120k members, up from 77k in May of this year. Mix of game servers, content creator servers, and game servers.

Popular verified servers – The 5 largest verified servers are: Fortnite, PUBG, Vainglory, Foxhole, Minecraft

Number of Employees – ~80

Seeing the top servers currently (and witnessing Fortnite and PUBG eternally duke it out) is an interesting factoid to behold, as is the realization that they only have around 80 employees.