Disney passed on a DuckTales QuackShot game from the Monster Boy developer


Enjoy the concept art

Not all April Fool’s Day stunts are born out of a desire to deceive. Sometimes they’re born out of actual ambition. That’s the case with this painful prank from Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom developer FDG Entertainment and the DuckTales QuackShotgame that never came to be.

FDG wanted to work on a modernQuackShotgame, but Disney wouldn’t bite. FDG said the studio worked hard on a legitimate pitch but Disney wasn’t willing to budge with licensing. So, the developer shared the concept art today — half as an April Fool’s Day joke, half as a grassroots plea to get Disney to realize there’s a market for QuackShot. “It would’ve been a shame to bury the material,” FDG says.

For those who can’t remember back that far, QuackShotwas a Sega Genesis game starring Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. It was DuckTalesby way of Indiana Jones. QuackShot, like Darkwing Duck,is generally regarded as a DuckTalesspinoff but with a more fantastical adventurous bent.

So, we’re left with the rare April Fool’s joke that no one actually wants to be a joke. If the prank progenitor had its way, FDG would be making QuackShotright now rather than goofing about it. And, FDG is leaving a trail of broken hearts in its wake.

Oh well, at least you can enjoy all the killer mockup concept art that’s in the gallery below.

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