Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade to reveal yet another character in early October


We still have a few villains left

Square Enix teased a heap of villains for Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade in a shadowy image recently, and we’ve yet to see that tease follow through. Our next reveal will be on October 3 at 20:00 JST, which you can watch at the link below, and will likely be either Golbez, Ultimecia, or Cloud of Darkness.

Oh, and in case you care about Theatrhyhtmstill (I do!) despite the fact that it’s basically dead in the west, the stream will also double as an All-Star Carnivalarcade celebration. This one will feature Nobuo Uematsu and the game’s director.

Did anyone get a chance to play the Dissidiabeta? I really dug it, and got a distinct PS2-era battle royale vibe from the craziness of 3v3 teams going at it.

Square Enix [YouTube via Gematsu]