Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is getting Kingdom Hearts costumes


Do you like mummy buster swords

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT didn’t pan out the way Square Enix had hoped, but I’ve gotten more than enough silly fun out of it. The concept of 3D brawlers is mostly a lost art in favor of 2D romps like TowerFalland Samurai Gunn, but I’m always up for more games like Dissidia.

In spite of its lack of traction Square Enix is still supporting it with content, and the latest references to grace NTare none other than Kingdom Heartscostumes. Soon enough, Squall and Cloud will get outfits from the RPG series, which prominently features the muted Leon look for Squall and the ridiculously absurd mummy buster sword and bat wing fallen angel motif for Cloud.

Both outfits will be paid DLC, and will arrive on June 5.