Dissidia's next gloomy looking Squall-ass stage is from Final Fantasy VIII


Promised Place

Don’t let the header fool you — I couldn’t resist — I love Final Fantasy VIII.

I’m okay with Square trying something new, and they really needed to after the massive popularity of VII. It wasn’t perfect, the Draw system could use some work in particular (as well as the daycare arc of the story, which I won’t spoil because it’s kind of too stupid to even discuss), but it made a lasting impact on me, so much so that I have random vivid memories of roaming around its overworld, fighting Diabolos, and remembering Zell flip out constantly.

Now you can relive all that in Dissidia Final Fantasy, when the “Promised Place” level hits. It starts off all Squall-like — gloomy and dark, then morphs into a wonderland not unlike an Elysium you’d see at the end of a lot of games.