Division decimates Destiny's record for biggest beta of a new IP


By almost two million

Ubisoft’s aspirations for The Divisionare well-documented at this point: It expects the game to be the most successful launch of a new property in video game history. Lofty for sure, but not unreasonable. The recently-ended open beta is proof positive of that.

It took almost no time at all for Ubisoft to talk up the beta’s performance. In a post on the game’s site, it was announced that 6.4 million people took part in the beta. That’s a record for a new IP.

Destinywas the old record-holder with 4.6 million players. For what it’s worth, Destinydidn’t have PC to bolster its numbers. However, it did support last-gen consoles, which are platforms that The Divisionisn’t coming to.

Other statistics for The Division‘s beta are that the average player committed five hours to it, people spent an average of two hours in the PvP “Dark Zone,” and 50 percent of PvP players killed a teammate. That seems like a lot. I know times are tough, what with the smallpox epidemic and all, but don’t kill all your friends.

6.4 Million Agents Explored New York City During The Division Beta [Tom Clancy’s The Division]