DNF Duel introduces spooky samurai combatant, Ghostblade


One Man and his Ghost

It’s been quite some time since we heard from the rad-looking anime fighter DNF Duel, but fortunately, Nexon has blessed us with its presence once again, dropping a hair-raising trailer for yet another surprisingly sexy combatant. Seriously, this particular fighting game does seem particularly horny… Or maybe that’s just me.

The short, sharp preview gives us a look at the newest addition to the DNF Duel roster, Ghostblade. This mysterious samurai, clearly not one for lounging in the sun, has a very deliberate but devastating fighting style — with gameplay reminiscent of SNK’s great Samurai Shodown. The ghostly figure cuts down his foe with huge, deceptively ranged strikes — offering Ghostblade excellent attack and defense capabilities. If that wasn’t enough, then his super sees him call upon an ancient spirit from the past to land the killing blow.

Ghostblade joins what is already a very cool, unique, and charismatic roster of DNF Duel characters, all based upon classes and warriors from the popular South Korean MMO Dungeon Fighter Online. DNF Duel turned heads back in late-2021 following a slight but intriguing beta test weekend. Though the IP flies a little under the radar, having fighting game experts Eighting and Arc System Works in its development corner will certainly help DNF Duel make an impact in what is, currently, a very crowded fighting game market. I’m looking forward to it.

DNF Duel launches on PlayStation and PC platforms this summer. I would not be surprised if we didn’t get another open beta weekend before then, as the studios will be looking to iron out any nagging issues before the big launch. Oh, and be sure to check out the previous trailers for characters Berserker, Grappler, Hitman, Inquisitor, Striker, Ranger, Dragon Knight, Vanguard, Kunoichi, and Crusader.