DNF Duel spotlights two further combatants, Striker and Ranger


All-new fighting title looking pretty slick

Publisher Nexon continues stoking the modest hype fire for its intriguing-looking new fighting game DNF Duel — the publisher has released two further character trailers for the title, a spin-off of popular MMO Dungeon Fighter Online, introducing us to the fast-paced CQC fighter “Striker” and the gun-toting marksman known as “Ranger.”

Hilariously described as “The Human Embodiment of Punches and Kicks,” Striker is a petite but highly-skilled martial arts, capable of flashy, extended combos, as well as bruise-inducing strings of hits on the ground and, seemingly, in the air. Striker’s brief trailer sees her sending Grappler on a one-way trip to the emergency ward, before picking up her bag of belongings and skipping off to her next battle. An interesting blend of Street Fighter‘s Ryu, Ibuki, and Makoto, Striker looks tough-as-nails and — if I may be so bold — cute as a button.

Preferring flashy firearms over meaty-fisted combat, the handsome Ranger wanders out of the wastelands and onto the battlefield, utilizing a blend of sharpshooting firepower and skillful acrobatics in order to overwhelm his opposition. Unlike fellow gun-based fighters such as Guilty Gear Strive‘s Happy Chaos and Mortal Kombat 11‘s Everyone, Ranger instead combines balletic martial arts with trigger-happy action to create a style of his own, all while maintaining his slick and rebellious air of super-anime-cool.

Nexon despite being deep into its marketing drive, is still to announce a release window or platform for DNF Duel. While an unproved fighting game IP might sink without trace in today’s highly crowded market, having developers such as Arc System Works and Eighting in your corner definitely gives you a boost — especially when it comes to lovely visuals, sexy characters, and chaotic action. As I’ve noted before, I think DNF Duel is well worth keeping an eye on, and could carve out a niche for itself in the busy fighting game tournament scene.