DNF Duel party keeps on rolling with new entrant Vanguard


What a terrible night to have a curse…

Nexon is keeping the hype engine for its upcoming fighter DNF Duel finely oiled, machine-gunning out character trailers at a steady rate. This morning is no exception, and sees the DNF Duel spotlight shine on the cursed warrior, Vanguard.

As you can see from his short introductory preview, Vanguard is a classic “monster hunter” type, carrying the style of a stoic adventurer with a twinkle of charm in his eye. Very Castlevania. No whip for yer boy, however, as Vanguard prefers to bring the pain via his enchanted Demonic Lance, which offers him a combination of both strength and range. The short trailer sees him making swift work of the lovely Dragon Knight. Leave her alone! Vanguard’s deliberate and suppressive fighting style will no doubt make him a nightmare to deal with should the player end up trapped in a corner.

Vanguard joins the ever-expanding roster of DNF Duel, which seems to be rounding out quite nicely despite the lack of a release date. It won’t be long before we can check the game out for ourselves, as developers Eighting and Arc System Works have announced an open beta on PS4 and PS5 platforms this coming weekend. The action kicks off from December 17 and you can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be there. I’m incredibly curious to check out the new kid on the block.

DNF Duel is currently in development for PlayStation and PC platforms.