Do you have Aiden Pearce's 'iconic' cap? It goes great with Agent 47's 'iconic' tie


When clothes attack

Oh hey! Remember when Ubisoft claimed that Aiden Pearce, protagonist of Watch Dogs, had an “iconic” hat even before the game was out, and before it could possibly even be considered iconic? Well Square Enix is doing something similar, but a lot less stupid.

Even though Hitmanhas gone episodic, you can still buy the Collector’s Edition comes with the game (digitally), an artbook, a 10″ statue, and…Agent 47’s “iconic” tie and clip. Okay. So It’s true that Agent 47 has been around for 16 years now, so the character is quite iconic, with two feature films and multiple games under his belt.

But the red tie? I mean, it’s a red tie, guys. You decide if it’s worth $140.

Hitman Collector’s Edition [Square Enix]