Do you love P.T. enough to pay ?1000 for it?


Because, really, that’s what someone’s selling it for

As many/some/none of you may know, I’m survival horror survivalist. I’m a rubbish one – I scream and shout and lose my shizzle when anything remotely spider-like comes on the screen – but I’m a huge fan of horror games.

And of all the horror franchises, it’s Silent Hill that I loved most. I’ve run a Silent Hill fan site for over a decade, and credit my entire game writing career to my fascination with that all-American town’s grim environments.

So it probably comes as no surprise when I tell you that yes, I did download P.T. and yes, I did love it. Yes, I did freak out when (e-fecking-ventually) I finished it and those telltale mandolin notes kicked it. (And yes, I am mourning the untimely demise of Silent Hills).

But do I love P.T. enough to pay £1000for it? Even if the free demo comes housed in a (used) PlayStation 4?

Er, no. Probably not.

Funnily enough, no-one’s snapped either of the offers just yet. Could you be tempted? (And if you are, let me know, because I need to stage an intervention. And/or possibly get you to buy me a car.)