Does Activision still have selling power for Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk?


In your mind, obviously

It’s no secret that I’m a Tony Hawkguy. I’d enjoyed nearly every entry in the series outside of the boring Proving Groundand the iffy Ridesubseries, and that rumor of a new fully-fledged game has me all hot and bothered. I’d easily dive back in to check it out.

My history with Guitar Herois a bit more complicated. For the first three titles, I was completely in. I didn’t become a Rock Bandfan until the third game, when Activision’s rivalry was losing most of its steam. Once Harmonix doubled-down on the Rock Band Networkand started pumping out hundreds of DLC songs with keyboard support, I made the switch and never looked back.

But even after all that saturation by Activision, all those missed opportunities that essentially led to the death of the series, I’m still interested in Guitar Hero Live. It’s different enough from what they’ve done in the past, and if I get to use my old guitars with Rock Band 4, that’s an even bigger bonus that won’t make getting both a big deal.

What about you? Are you going to pick up either new entry, provided that the Tony Hawk project exists?

Does Activision still have selling power with Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk?