Does anyone care about Watch Dogs 2? 'Cause here it is


Debut E3 trailer

Watch Dogs 2, the game we all knew was coming because of multiple leaks, and the fact that Ubisoft said it existed a while ago in a financial report, is now fully confirmed by way of an official Twitch stream, and will arrive on November 15, 2016.

Yes, the sequel is set in San Francisco and will feature a new protagonist, and you can see the debut footage for yourself below. The game’s producer claims that San Francisco represents the “attitude of the hacker.” Cringe. They playedan N.E.R.D. songdirectly after that though, so it kind of cancels out. Until other developers used thephrases “edgy” and “lolzy.”

Ubisoft states that they wanted a worthy new hero, and settled on Marcus Holloway, who will likely end up being cooler than Aiden Pierce, mostly because he has an Assassin’s Creedstyle free-running edge this time around. Hacking has been improved, including easier remote controls for cars, basically allowing you to “become” any car in the game. 3D printing and tasers (which allow for a “completely non-lethal playthrough”) are in — the latter of which brings me back to the days ofSyphon Filter. Expanded co-op is also heavily teased and will be revealed in the “coming months.” Sounds great!

Like my reaction to the original’s (very much fake) E3 debut, I’m pretty underwhelmed. But once I started messing around with the spider robot stuff I warmed up, and that could very well be the case here. We’ll see, I guess.

Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere [Twitch]